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Our Story

Laneway Laundry was originated by Wing Cheung & John Brode in 1987. Since then it has been upgraded and rebranded with a new take on laundromat services and is now owned  and operated by the born and raised Trent Hills family - Andrew and Amanda Orr. They currently reside on a piece of their family farm in Trent Hills to raise their two daughters Eva and Avery. They realize that their laundromat is an extension of your home when in need of laundry services due to breakdowns, travel, etc. which is why they try to make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Laneway Laundry has always revolved around family, friendly customer service, and meticulous cleanliness. Andrews extensive mechanical background helps by keeping equipment maintained which helps keep costs reasonable for customers. They are always looking into new and innovative ways to deliver a better service. Since taking ownership, they have implemented a wash & fold/drop-off & delivery service.

Even though they are an unattended laundromat, they prove excellent customer service through meticulous cleanliness, commercial grade appliances, providing an emergency contact number so they can provide quick responses to any issues that may arise. They have implemented a strict preventative maintenance schedule to keep their machines working hard for you.

Thank you for choosing Laneway Laundry!



The Orr Family

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To provide our customers with the best home away from home laundry experience by delivering superior customer service and convenient laundry service options.

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